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Shifting Minds Collective
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Shifting Minds Collective

Shifting Minds Collective is Canada’s first streamlined hub for DEI training. They provide in-person coaching and counselling from their office spaces, streamlining public access to DEI professionals. Shifting Minds Collective removes the pressure of self-promotion for DEI professionals by promoting them as a collective with streamlined branding. They serve the Canadian public, companies and organizations in every major city across Canada. 

Shifting Minds Collective is for:

  • For the empowerment of Canadian workers,

  • A resource for corporations and HR representatives,

  • A streamlined space for DEI specialists to reach targeted audiences across Canada.

The three target audiences for Shifting Minds Collective include a primary target the Canadian professional, followed by Industry and Business Leaders, and of course, Human Resource Representatives.

Social Good Design Awards Winner of 2022
Shifting Minds Collective Logo

The logo plays on the company name by adding a shift within the type. It is simplistic, ensuring the tone is serious and not detracting from the content. With messaging and the tagline, the tone is direct. Thus meeting the needs of creating key messaging and corporate branding identity.

 The website contains crucial information on Canadian DEI statistics and informative blogs to spark discourse. Thus, meeting the requirements of adding user touchpoints.

Promotional items and purchasable wearables add revenue for Shifting Minds Collective, such as beanies, crew neck hoodies, and enamel pin sets. The enamel pin sets feature pronouns to inspire inclusivity during workplace counselling or events.

The application helps patrons organize their events by providing a platform for users to access or purchase tickets, view locations, and get directions within the app. 

Lastly, a transit advertising campaign showcases how Shifting Minds Collective can reach its target audiences. Since bus and train advertisements will be seen quickly during a commute, the information is required to be extremely minimal, eye-catching, and accessible. Using just the tagline, logo, and call to action, we effectively minimize the information shown to the viewer. Bus stop ads can have more copy since people are waiting for a bus and have more time to potentially read, so a small blurb about whom Shifting Minds Collective is also featured. These advertisements meet the requirements of the final deliverable of showcasing an advertising campaign.

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So(cial) Good Awards 2022

Riley Ryan Rose Park wins 2022 So(cial) Good Design Award for Shifting Minds Collective

Vancouver, BC — Organized by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD), the  So(cial) Good Design Awards is a biannual, international design competition that celebrates design’s undeniable power to incite meaningful action and make positive change. The awards recognize and provide a platform to design firms, agencies, individual designers and students to present their work done under the theme of communication design for social good.

Shifting Minds Collective was selected for recognition under the Branding category by a group of 19 senior design leaders

so good
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