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Four Seasons Rebranding

Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts rebranding where project deliverables included: 

  • New Identity and Rationale

  • Introducing Seasonal Elements

  • Minor updates to Brand Strategy

  • Brand Guide

  • Campaign



A large-scale, revolutionary rebranding and updating of a major world leader in the luxury hospitality industry. To curate a new and more welcoming brand identity that matches their globally loved brand.


The first thing that needed to change was the logo, straying away from the tree going through the four seasons because it has become a tired concept used by many companies not associated with the hotels and resorts.

Seasons exist because of our planet’s position and movement around the sun. The sun is a constant for every place, person, or thing, during any of the four seasons. Four Seasons is a global brand with 118 unique properties in 47 countries, and each location has a different interior, exterior, and architectural design. With all the uniqueness of the brand, they needed a refreshing, updated way to keep consistent. So naturally, the sun became the new direction of the new mark. With smooth and consistent line width, symmetry, and an overall friendly demeanour, Four Seasons is redefining luxury and elegance.

Four Season Rebranding Logo Pattern
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