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Decolonizing Design: A Designer's Call To Action is Riley Park's dissretation exploring the role of a designer.
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Decolonizing Design:

A Designer's Call To Action

In Decolonizing Design: A Designer's Call To Action, Riley Park explores the designers' role in decolonization with the intent of informing young designers. From defining a designer, exploring bias and how it embeds itself in technology and design, to how we can move forward and curate change as designers. This project is paired with a video component featuring interviews with Mark Rutledge, Maurice Cherry and Nadi Fantastic.

Decolonizing Design: A Designer's Call To Action
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Cheryl Lynn Rutledge Northern Indigenous Student Awards- GDC

This initiative emerged from the Chicago chapter of the Organization of Black Designers (OBD) and focuses on education and mentoring initiatives ensuring design inclusion through their values of dreams, self-expression and community. To donate or learn more, please visit

The Cheryl Lynn Rutledge Northern Indigenous Student Award was founded by recently elected GDC President Mark Rutledge to ease the financial burden for Indigenous people interested in pursuing a graphic design career. GDC is now inviting all Canadian designers to donate to the fund to “unlock the door to the future” for Indigenous students. To donate click

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Follow Mark Rutledge’s journey and work through his spectacular portfolio and social media, where he connects and shares through culture, activism and education. He is also the national president of the GDC and founder of the CHERYL LYNN RUTLEDGE NORTHERN INDIGENOUS STUDENT AWARDS.

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Work with or learn from Nadi Fantastic, Anti-Oppression Business Consultant and Inclusive Leadership Coach. You can also check out their ANTI-OPPRESSION ACADEMY

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Keep up with Maurice Cherry by tuning into REVISION PATH, an award-winning weekly podcast and platform that showcases Black designers, artists, developers, and digital creatives from all over the world.

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