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craft + burrow logo
Riley Park Logo

Craft + Burrow


Craft + Burrow designs artisan furnishings with a contemporary twist. Using locally sourced sustainable materials, to create a catalogue of custom pieces tailored to invoke a circadian sense of discovery and inspiration in your home .

craft + burrow logo
craft + burrow process

Process + Solution

Craft + Burrow is committed to providing artisan craft that invokes creativity and discovery within one’s home, accomplished by providing both catalogue and custom woodwork.


This commitment calls the brand to find a marriage between their product, process, material, and quality, with textures, conceptual imagery, and natural elements.


The logo needed to be abstract, inviting inspiration, imagination, and intention.


The final process was creating wood prints out of old, locally reclaimed off-cuts and rounds. Resulting in turning a circular piece of birch off cut into an abstract burrow, filled with texture, exploration, and adventure, successfully embodying the nature and intention of Craft + Burrow.

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